Fingers crossed...

We may have found our family pet. We have picked a potential cat through a rescue shelter in a nearby town, and, if all things go as planned, we will have a new addition to our family around December 26th. I am sure this little guy will provide both photos and fodder for future blog posts.

Dan and I have continually blurted out comments about the cat right in front of Riley without thinking. I hope that she will be surprised, but we obviously are not very adept at keeping secrets.

I want to give a present as soon as I buy it. It is painful for me to wait until Christmas to do so. Dan on the other hand considers that Christmas morning surprise almost sacred, and doesn't understand why I would defile it.

How are you regarding surprises?


MRH said…
It is hard for me to keep a gift ....especially when I know that the gift is something that the other person has been longing for!!! Now, I LOVE surprises for myself, so I guess I can see both sides!!! I've been blatantly mentioning some of Santa's toys too, so I know how you feel about blurting aloud "secrets"!!
Carrie Thompson said…
I find it hard to keep a gift also... maybe the difference is a womens nurturing spirit? We know the person wants said item and we want to meet the need???
alas I will wait though!

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