Say what? we finally figured out what we are getting Riley for Christmas. I, like most of us, enjoy being able to rely on the comments and reviews left by the masses at Even if I am not purchasing the item there, I always look it up at Amazon to check the reviews. Most of the time they are extremely helpful. And then there are the times when you read a review and find yourself scratching your head. Such was the case with this:

(click to enlarge)

Makes me wonder who exactly forcefully compelled this person to post a review. And it wouldn't even be that bad if they didn't knock the star rating of the item down a whole star. I can only imagine how an author must feel when someone does this to his/her book.


MB Sponski said…
People like the one who left this rating are THE reason McDonald's must mark their coffee cups "CAUTION, CONTENTS ARE HOT". Common Sense has gone out the door. LOL
I liked the "This comment was helpful to 0 out of 45 people."

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