Outrageous Fortune

When I was pregnant with Riley, we lived within walking distance of one of the best Chinese restaurants. My absolute favorite dish was Honey-Walnut Prawns. Man, I could eat my weight in those prawns. And I would, except I heard somewhere that eating too much shrimp could trigger a shrimp allergy. That momentary indulgence would not be worth a life without shrimp. Maybe...

Another fun thing about eating at a Chinese restaurant is the cute little fortune cookie they bring to you at the end of your meal. Do you ever wonder who writes those little fortunes? I do. Those little tidbits vary in quality about as much as the cookies themselves do. I've gotten a few winners lately, and I'd like to share them with you here.

This one was profound in it's wrongness:

Um, no. However, I'm keeping this one, because this is an area God is working in my life. Maybe one day He will make this true.

I like the timeliness of this one:

Who knows how long this fortune cookie had been sitting in that box, and, yet, I open it here at the eve of winter. Oooh the anticipation...

Unfortunately my daughter and I both had the same thought when reading this one:

What was that thought, you ask? Mice. Yes, we've had little visitors lately. It's to be expected living in an old house out in the country next to a large field. I'm so grateful to God that this is the first time we've experienced this problem. I am quite ready, though, for it to be gone from my home.

I like this one, too:

Thankfully my home is already full of cultured and artistic people. :) However, a few more would be quite welcome.

I found the following one to be truly profound:

I can't decide quite why, though; it's too difficult.


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