Christmas money

Each year I end up spending a lot of my Christmas money on homeschool materials. This year Dan said that he wanted me to spend it on me, not on school. However, I have convinced him that spending it on school is in fact spending it on me. Homeschooling is a huge part of my life. I greatly enjoy having quality materials to use in our days. It benefits Riley, yes, but it benefits me as well. She is not the only student here. One great benefit to homeschooling is the education I am receiving through it as well.

That being is the first thing on my list: Living Memory. I am salivating over this book. I can't wait to hold a hot copy in my hands. I already purchased Dr. Campbell's other book--The Latin-Centered Curriculum--and am planning to read it over the Christmas break. I have the luxury (and honor) of "knowing" Dr. Campbell as Plaid Dad through a forum I frequent. He is not only a wealth of wisdom, but he is also a very kind and generous sharer of that wisdom.


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