Want to join me?

Because I want to know Him more
Because I fail at reading my Bible daily...even with a plan on my reader
Because I am empty, weary, desperate

I am going on an endeavor.
I am going to start Seeking Him.

Want to come along?
I always do better with a little iron-sharpening-iron accountability.

Anyone game? The more the merrier.


MRH said…
Ok ...I tried to double click on it to see what its all about!! I'm gonna Google it, read about it, and I'll get back with you :)
MRH said…
I'm in!! January 2009?
Team Sponski said…
I want to. I am so bad at workbooks...but I am needing a jumpstart. I am feeling quite dry and undisciplined, to say the least. Thanks, Dawn.

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