Calling all prayer warriors...

I love Facebook. Well, let me rephrase that...I love the reconnected relationships that Facebook has provided. It has been fun catching up with high school and college friends, seeing their families and hearing of their day-to-day adventures.

One such blessing that reentered my life via Facebook has been my new blog friend, Melanie. We went to high school together, but, since I mostly had my nose in a book in high school, we didn't get to know each other that well then. Thankfully, God has brought her into my life again. You can find her blog, The Fabulous Hodges Girls, in the "sampling from my reader" list. Her faith in the Father is inspiring.

And now to the point of my post. Melanie's youngest girl needs your prayers.

As you can see in the photo above, Anabelle is a beautiful darling. She was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Melanie did a fantastic job of explaining the particulars of her diagnosis here and listed some specific prayer requests. Together let's lift precious Anabelle up to the Father, and not only her but everyone involved in her care and progress. Thank you so much for taking time to join your hearts together with ours. As Melanie says in her post, "God never fails!!!"


MRH said…
Oh, Dawn ....I'm speechless. I am never surprised by my humbleness anymore, but I am perpetually surprised by prayer warriors and the fierceness with which they pray. I am humbled once again ...I sincerely appreciate your request for prayers on behalf of my Anabelle. As I sat here in "happy" tears, reading your blog, I wanted to tell you that I love our "renewed" friendship ...and I love that you care enough to pray for her and us. Thank you so much, and thanks to all that read this and lift Anabelle up in prayer.

"Chosen" Mommy,
Melanie :)

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