No matter what your profession, Mondays are rough. And Mondays after a four day holiday weekend can be excruciating. Last night I wrote out our plans for this week and looked at holiday related ideas for this month's crafts and activities. As I prepared the materials for this morning's school time, I had a momentary shudder at the idea of returning to business as usual after such a wonderful break. To be honest, this is what I imagined it would include:

and perhaps a smidgen of:

Fortunately, the day has gone remarkably well. We encountered a bit of attitude at the beginning of the school day, but it was quickly diffused. We finished all our studies before Sawyer's naptime. Riley did an amazing job at her math, despite the long break. Renaming/regrouping has been a challenging concept, but she seems to be grasping it very well. Three weeks more until we are off for Christmas break. During that holiday I am going to be evaluating our year to date and will probably tweak some materials and add a few others. Overall I have been very satisfied with our materials this year, and look forward to continuing with them.


Sarah said…
This is a great way to add true meaning to what your saying. Great pics
Carrie Thompson said…
oh wow I had THAT day last week!

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