Gratitude and Grace: The journey to 1000 gifts continues

36. laughter

37. warm towels fresh from the dryer, and someone thoughtful enough to bring them to you

38. music

39. the gift of song

40. absolute truth

41. Mahatma's red beans and rice...if you've eaten it, you know; if you haven't, you should

42. my husband and best friend, the wonderful father of my children

43. kindred spirits

44. the smell of smoke issuing from a chimney and the warming fire that causes it

45. mentors who take the time to love, inspire, encourage and challenge

46. honey graham crackers...both for my boy and for me

47. this blog and the incentive to exercise my writing that it provides

48. my passionate, headstrong, gentle, Jesus-loving girl

49. my sweet, precious, destructive, curious little boy

50. to have been chosen

1000 gifts


MRH said…
You know, I love all of your reasons, but I especially love #50. Chosen. That speaks volumes. To be chosen is to be singled out and to be designated, which is special in any aspect. To be chosen seems to give purpose, if you will. Chosen to be you; chosen for your family and chosen to mother your sweet babies; chosen for your soulmate; chosen and eternally inscribed in the Lamb's Book of Life. How nice it is to be "chosen." I love it.

Proudly, your "chosen" blog friend,

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