A Secret

Shhhh....come here. Lean closer to the screen. We're getting a cat for Christmas. Yes, I know. It's exciting isn't it? This cat will be the first pet--save dear Showvey the amazing goldfish--that we've had in our married life. Riley has wanted a cat since forever, so she will be ecstatic. She even wrote an essay a year ago extolling the virtues of cats over dogs. I'm a dog person myself, but she kind of won me over with this line: "Cats don't poop." I'm not sure where she gets her information, but it sounds good to me. Truthfully, the thing that has pushed us to this decision has been our recent mice visitors. Thanks to God, they seem to be gone, or more adept at hiding, but having a cat around would help to keep them gone.

We haven't actually found the cat yet, and we're hoping to do so quickly. We do have a few leads. We are looking for a very robust, durable, yet gentle teenage cat due to the current smallest member of our family. I've been advised that a male orange tabby is the way to go, but am not sure how much choice we'll have. If you happen to know of a cat who meets the above mentioned requirements, please, by all means, let me know.


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