Wordless Wednesday--Devo, Anyone?


Skeller said…
Hmmm, you might be "dating" yourself with this title. For that matter, I'm definitely dating myself by knowing that which your title refers.... :-)
Katy said…
Crack that whip! Very cute!
Meliss said…
I'm clueless! I don't get the title, but the picture sure is cute! Aren't you glad there wasn't spaghetti in that bowl and dripping down his face? :)
Tina in WA said…
Whip it good!

That is too cute! What beautiful eyes. :o)

Mama Peep said…
I am with Meliss. Not idea what the title means, but he is adorable! :-)


Happy WW
Dawn E said…
For those of you confused by the title-Devo was popular in the early 80's and had a song called, "Whip it." The reason for the connection with the photo is that each member of the group wore these crazy red hats that were circular and stair-shaped. :)
Lisa~ said…
LOL! Thats hilarious! That brought back a few memories! lol

He is a doll!


PS. Hows that devotion coming?? *Ü* Did you find something new or are you keepin on??

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