Why I love using MFW 1st Grade for Bible

For anyone who doesn't know, MFW stands for My Father's World, a curriculum that is God-centered and Charlotte Mason in method.

I have a background in Montessori. I love Dr. Montessori's materials and methods and think that she was absolutely brilliant in deciphering ways to draw children into a love of learning. I truly think that Charlotte Mason and Maria Montessori would have had great discussions on educational theory and that they would have found many similarities in their beliefs on inspiring children to learn, grow and develop into all that God would have them be. One of my favorite Montessori quotes is this: "The hand is the instrument of the mind." I don't profess to understand fully what she meant by that statement; however, I do think my limited understanding of it leads to one of the reasons that I love MFW for Bible.

Our lessons start off with me reading a Bible story from the MFW Teacher's Guide. I love these renderings and feel that they are very Biblically sound and not watered down. After she listens we discuss the story a little. The next day, I have her read the story as recorded in the MFW Bible reader. I ask her then to narrate for me what she read. Sometimes her story will contain something that mine did not, and we will discuss this further and any other details from the Bible that come up. When she is finished, she excitedly gets her Bible Notebook and begins drawing a picture from the story. I underline a passage from the reader that goes along with her picture, and she copies it onto the lines beneath the picture.

I LOVE this multi-step process which truly allows "the hand to be the instrument of the mind." Not only is she hearing, but she is reading. Not only is she reading, but she is using her creativity to draw what her mind saw while listening and reading. Not only is she drawing, but she is writing words from the story to even further explore the tale. This is allowing the story to become a part of her story. Did I mention that I LOVE this? :)


Jenny in Ca said…
funny reading this post, I spotted the Montessori style money lesson in a post above...I really admired much about Montessori education and read much, visited a school, I do a little with my kids, but having 4 in diff. grades it has become more sink or swim instead of shaping their environment, kwim?

I'm enjoying your blog, I'm visiting from the hive boards...


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