Week In Review--Ch-Ch-Changes!

A lot of changes occurred this week. We finally found that Dick and Jane book that had been hiding since the holidays. Instead of just catching up, Riley decided to finish the book. Also, she did a couple of extra pages in her Primary Phonics Workbook 1 in order to finish it as well. We will begin Workbook 2 next week.
She's so proud!

We have also added a few new things. Above is an example of Riley's coloring in the book The Original 21 Rules of This House. She loves coloring the pages, and the rules have been great teaching tools. Below is an example of her work in Growing With Grammar (GWG) 1/2.

She really enjoys this gentle introduction to grammar. We had tried First Language Lessons (FLL) before this, but it just didn't fit well with either of us. This has been a lot of fun for her. Later on I plan to add in Primary Language Lessons for some of the other aspects of Language Arts such as picture studies, narration and dictation.

We had a blast studying about King Saul, David and Goliath, and Solomon in Bible this week.

We only did 2 BJU Math lessons (workbook pages 109-112) because we finished the chapter on Money, and I wanted to reinforce some things before moving into Time. Unfortunately, I didn't do much reinforcing, so hopefully we will review money this weekend.


CookieMonster said…
Oh, I am so excited to do "The 21 Rules of This House" with my children when they are old enough.

Oh, I wish my parents had taken the time to teach me such things!

What a great week you had.

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