Our Week in Review

In Bible, this week we studied about Ruth and Samson with MFW 1st.

Riley completed pages 70-73 of Primary Phonics Workbook 1.

She also completed Lessons 51-54 of BJU Math: Workbook pages 101-108.

We are studying money, and so, of course, we pulled out the piggy bank. Amazingly, she has amassed just over $30 already, mostly by picking up the change that falls out of her dad's pockets. Today I got out only the pennies, nickels and dimes. I made little price tags with varying cents: 31, 43, 8, etc. She used the coins to make the change to match the tag.

Her copywork came from her Bible Reader and the stories of Ruth and Samson.

She read I Wish That I Had Duck Feet! over two days, and the other days she read from a reader by Silver, Burdett and Ginn called Morning Bells. I find old school readers at the Salvation Army all the time, and she loves the colorful pictures and stories.

I bought some flowers and cut them into individual stems. I also purchased a container that had green foam inside for flower arrangements. Riley sorted the flowers by color, we discussed not putting the same colors too close together (she called them "cousins") and then I let her make her own arrangement. It was beautiful, as you can see for yourself.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful flowers!! Sounds like a great week. :)
LisaWA said…
Just stopped by to see if you were playing WW today! *Ü* Hope you are having a great week...

Love the flowers too! Come on Spring...


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