Top Resolution--Drawing nearer to God through the reading of His word

As stated earlier, I plan to read more in 2008. I miss reading. Yesterday it took me hours to finish one magazine article! So, you might ask, how do I plan to not only read the 24 books listed below, but also foster the habit of daily Bible reading? That's a good question. However, I have seen the power of God work in amazing ways in my life despite my shortcomings and limitations. Just looking at the season of life I am in right now and the myriad of "mommy" demands on me at this time, the outlook for reading seems bleak. BUT if He requires, He provides:I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?

So, I will anxiously await to see what occurs this year. Won't you join me? I love the magazine Discipleship Journal from NavPress. Here is a link to the pdf file of their Bible reading plan that I will be following if you want to come along for the journey.


LisaWA said…
Hey! That is the plan I started this year!! You keep me accountable, Ill help you? *Ü*

I am 3 days behind schedule... this is my confession! lol

I am trying to read the New Testament section in the morning along with a proverb a day and then the Old Testament at night... its not working... Now I’m working on it all at one time... My proverb reading is daily and I start over each month... this is my quiet reflecting time... this guide is a bit later in the morning.

How wonderful! Now I know 2 people using this... me and you!


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