An Old Friend

Don't you love it when you hear a song that transports you back in time? I don't mean just an eighties song that makes you remember the big hair days, but music that not only causes you to remember a time but is strong enough to evoke the emotions of that time. Much to my delight I recently found such music when I rediscovered Kyle Matthews, a singer who had performed at a college event I had attended.

So, I found his website and was pleasantly surprised at how well everything was displayed. The cds each had samples to listen to. I was saddened not to see the particular songs that I had remembered, but found the new ones refreshing and inspiring. I bought three cds for myself. I did however send a quick email asking about the old songs whose words still crept into my heart and psyche every now and then, reminding me of another time and place. A time when everything about God was new and exciting and bigger than life. A place before kids and bills and complacency.

I was very pleased to receive a response. No, there were no cds with these songs. I had conveniently forgotten how old I am, and that cds were not yet popular when I was in school. No cds, but there was a tape. Could they send me a copy as their gift to me? Are you kidding? Yes, please.

And so, the other day the tape arrived. Fortunately my van still has a tape player as I don't own another means of playing a tape. I was headed out at the time, so I ripped the plastic off, popped that sucker into the player, and went back in time over a decade. It was literally as if I had made room for an old friend to sit down beside me for a drive. I found myself quickly singing along as though no time had passed at all since the last time this music flooded my senses.

Soon I realized some of the words that had seen me through some tough times had been penned by Mr. Matthews himself:

You would not bring me this far to leave me now.

When we fail love we have to trust the love that won't fail us.

The One who loves me most, knows me best. The One who's most proud of me now knows my regrets. There is no audience I must impress 'cause the One who loves me loves me most and knows me best.

If you are looking for a little refreshment or a reminder of Who loves you most...check out Kyle Matthews music.


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