A Sewing Prodigy

Imagine if you will a mother almost completely devoid of domesticate skills. So, maybe I'm not that bad, but close. I want to be able to instill some handicraft skills in my daughter, but not having any skills to pass down makes that difficult. Much to my delight (and thanks to Barb at The Heart of Harmony) I discovered Amanda at Hearts and Trees.

Amanda's kits are wonderful and very easy to understand and implement. Riley sewed this fleece hat (a project in the Winter Kit) with a running stitch all by herself. I helped with cutting the fringe since it required larger scissors than she could handle, but she tied off the fringe and finished her hat. Both mom and daughter were ecstatic with the end result.

The Winter Kits have sold out, but Amanda still has plenty of ideas and projects to explore on her blog. Check out the Sewing School Mini-Kits--our next endeavor. And, we are eagerly awaiting the release of the Spring Kit later this year.


Tina said…
Oh... I have to get going on the kit I purcahsed. My dd's would love that hat.

Your dd hat looks wonderful! She did a GREAT job. :o)

Lorna said…
This hat looks so amazing. She must be really proud of her wonderful first project.
LisaWA said…
Fun! I love it when my girls make things... RyLee is constantly wanting to do something crafty....

Tell your dd sge did a great job!!


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