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We are in our 16th week of homeschooling, just three weeks shy of the halfway mark. Things have been going really well, but the last couple of weeks have found me in another slump. We've pressed on, but my focus was a little off. I'd gotten too consumed with the state of our country and with the election. I've since put a few much needed restrictions in place: particularly no internet before school is completely done.

Also, we finished up the Bible study on Psalm 23 and needed a new direction for our Bible time. I did some research and decided upon Rod and Staff's Bible Nurture Reading Series. I also purchased the Science workbook from Rod and Staff, Patterns of Nature, to provide a regular science program. We will be doing it twice weekly.

I love the Bible Nurture Series! It is a great reading program that not only builds her reading skills but also uses Bible stories to do so. The workbook is divided into two parts: Before You Read and After You Read. The first section is vocabulary review and introduction and the second is reading comprehension that cements the story. Good stuff!

I also will be working on vocabulary building and reading comprehension while diving into this:

And, yes, I am very afraid. Once the package arrived and I hoisted out this big beauty, the sheer size of the book caused me much trepidation. See for yourself:

That really big number is found on the final page of this manifesto. Whew. I'm going to give it a valiant effort, though, as many people I admire have recommended it.

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Team Sponski said…
You go girl!! I am sticking with the cliff notes. :-D

You ARE awesome and inspiring!
Happened upon your blog today - not sure how far back you check for comments so I'll post this one here as I just wanted to say I really liked your post re: your post election ponderings :)
Octamom said…
You'll love Atlas Shrugged--good, good stuff....and a long, long read!

Enjoyed seeing the series you're using--it makes so much sense to do a before/after reading section--great concept!


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