Does this constitute a public apology?

I am obligated to mention that I was responsible for the following two acts:
  1. Feeding Sawyer Beck a Mint Milky Way candy bar. (Did anyone else know that kids gag at the taste of mint?)
  2. Then shortly thereafter flipping said boy upside-down three or four times.
Of course, I deny all liability for what happened next. But according to the written terms of my agreed settlement with Dawn, I have made this post and I will be cleaning up the floor and some of the walls for the next 30 minutes.



zelda said…
You do understand that cleaning also means cleaning any sort of towels or rags involved right? Because I know that and then piling the towels and rags on the washing machine. Not naming names. (

Minty Milky Way? Who are the candy wizards who came up with that one? Bleh.
Brittney said…
What about the kid? Did you clean up the kid? Which also means washing his clothes.

:o) Gotta side with the ladies!

Betcha won't do that again! :o)

Public Apology Accepted!
Grandma L said…
An Egger apologizing? I can't believe it!
Your daddy taught you well

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