I can't believe it

but we are just shy of our halfway mark for this school year! I had not numbered last week in the planner and kept assuming it was week 15. In fact it was week 16. Yeeha! I started school in late July with the anticipation that we might be moving this fall. As it stands, we are still here. I'm planning to push through the normal holiday schedule, but it will be nice to be ahead of the game.

I didn't post weekly reviews for weeks 14-16, so here are the highlights. We progressed steadily in math going through counting money and addition reviews. In Growing with Grammar, we studied possessive nouns and pronouns. We read in Our Young Folks' Josephus about David being anointed king, fighting Goliath and running from Saul. We learned Latin words for household items and reviewed all the vocabulary learned to this point. Riley read some fairy tales and folk tales from her reader as well as poetry by Robert Louis Stevenson. Daddy finished reading her The Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. In week 16, Riley began using the Rod and Staff Bible Nurture and Reader series, and it has been a very good addition. It is so much writing, that I let her slack off of her handwriting practice. I will need to figure out how to add that back in. She memorized Psalm 117: 1. In science we learned about the seasons and seeds.

I'm forgetting a lot of the extracurricular and artsy things we did, but it was a full three weeks.


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