Making our Jack-O-Lantern

Except for the occasional, "My arm is going to fall off" Riley had a blast cleaning out her pumpkin.
Little brother also wanted in on the fun.

Riley drew on the face, and Daddy cut it out (only cutting himself once in the process). For those of you with great observational skills: no, this is not the same pumpkin you see in the last post. We were buying candy when we saw pumpkins were on sale for $1. We found this beaut. Riley wanted to carve both of them, but quickly changed her mind after working so hard on the one.

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Lorna said…
Beautiful pictures.
This year I got dh to carve the pumpkins with the children. He was crying 'My arms going to fall off!'. I smiled a wry smile as a happily chopped a couple of onions and made some soup!

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