The Facts, Sadly, Are These:

Well, it was expected, yet it's still sad. The kind of sad that makes you want to stay in your pajamas all day eating ice cream with a warm, snuggly golden retriever on your lap. ABC canceled Pushing Daisies, a delightful little series with great writing and a quirky cast. I greatly enjoyed this show--almost as much as another too-short-lived series by the name of Firefly. Why is it that the well written shows have so much more trouble attracting audiences than the fodder that makes up most of primetime?

Seeing the cast look so happy in this photo from makes me even sadder.


What crazy adventures they had yet to go on.


Sarah said…
I did not know they were canceling the show. It is one of my three that I never miss. AHH and ARG!
Lisa~ said…
NO! Say it isnt so!! I love that show... That is sad... its so hard to find anything to watch anymore. :(


Dawn E said…
Hopefully we have at least five more unseen episodes left, but after more. So very sad. The writer mentioned the possibility of a movie, though.

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