Memories...misty water-colored memories...

Well, in this case the memories aren't exactly water-colored...whatever that actually means. Instead they are captured in an old photo scanned complete with dust and scratches. This photo contains some of my favorite people, and it is a memento from a very special time in our lives. Dan and I had been married for two years ( I can attest to the fact that his clothing tastes have greatly improved with time), and I was newly pregnant with Riley. Typical of "Dan and Dawn" style, we forgot to take the picture when the whole group was there. We decided to snap this shot of those of us remaining, and I am so glad we did.

This photo reminds me of an amazing time. A time when God was moving in ways we never expected (not unlike most of the time, huh?) But, it was a time when we seemed to have a front-row seat. This group that you see here had just had an impromptu, on-your-knees encounter in prayer with our most holy God. The blessing of His presence that He was kind enough to pour out on us at that time encouraged our weary hearts immensely. Just before this school year started, half of our staff had moved on. Dan and I found ourselves in the position of shepherding this group with the help of one other worker when we had been planning all summer with a staff of five and the backing of a church. It was a very humbling position to be placed in at short notice. We felt completely incapable of the task set before us. God showed us quickly that we were right--we weren't capable, nor would we have been with a full staff. However, He was more than able. He refreshed us during this time and many others to remind us that He was the One working, and we had been invited to come alongside Him. And, as He's shown me time and time again, He equips those He calls.

Over that year, these dear students along with others became family to Dan and me. They crowded into our little postage-stamp apartment to worship and study and fellowship and laugh. They inspired us to grow closer to the Father and probably taught us more than we could ever have taught them. It was an honor to walk with them along the path for that season in which we were blessed to do so.


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