Toothpaste tops--a meaningless rant

So, can we talk toothpaste tops for a minute? I just bought a new tube of Crest's toothpaste with Scope--excellent by the way--and it has a screw-off top. A screw-off top? Do you know how long it has been since I have had to screw the top off of my toothpaste? I even tried to remove and reuse the flip top from the old tube. Unfortunately Crest and Colgate do not conform in regards to tube top size.

I think it is a conspiracy. Or maybe Crest never used the flip top. Maybe Colgate has a monopoly on the flip top. Either way it is a definite testimony to how comfort can contribute to laziness. I must say I am appalled by how appalled I am at the thought of having to screw the top off of my toothpaste.


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