Favorite Painting

My favorite painting isn't hanging in a fancy museum somewhere. No, it's here in my little house. This was a dual effort between daughter and daddy. She drew; daddy painted.

It is a portrait of her grandpa dancing. It looks like he is having a lot of fun!

However, this picture is not only one of the cutest things I've ever seen, but it is a reminder to me of the father-daughter relationship they share. My hubby is such a great dad, always encouraging her to be all that she can be. As most dads are, he is quite proud of his girl. And, as her mom, I say rightly so.


Mommy2Lots said…
How sweet. She's a pretty good artist already. The drawing skills are great for a 4 year old, even if daddy painted it in.

from The Homeschooling Mommy

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