"Annals of a Dumb Blonde"

In college, I joked that this would be the title of my memoirs. Today at WTM someone asked us to post a stupid thing that we had done. This was the first thing that came to mind:

The dumbest thing ever was when I gave a friend a ride home to her dorm after some event. I went up to her room and hung out for a while talking and laughing. Afterwards, I went downstairs and walked home to my dorm which was not too far away but a good walk.

I was in a singing group that travelled on Sundays. The next morning--Sunday, of course--I was running late as usual. I ran out to the parking lot to get into my car to go meet the others. I did the full loop, astonished that my car was nowhere to be found. And then, aptly, it "dawned" on me. So I had to run in heels to my friend's dorm and retrieve my car. Good excuse for being late, but I never lived that one down.


nobody said…
Parking Lot Wanderers Anonymous... Welcome!

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