A blog for all seasons

Aren't blogs great? We live in such a revolutionary time where people are actually journaling for all the world to read. Now, being a published author requires only the click of a mouse. How amazing is that?

Well, I for one am grateful. Through blogs and boards I have "met" some pretty amazing individuals. Take for instance the "hive mind" of the WTM board. I prefer to hang out on the general board. The group of mostly homeschooling moms you find there is an eclectic group of women from different faiths, cultures, ages--you name it. But, here I have found a community of fellow strugglers through this journey of momhood. There are women here that I may never meet in person, but will cherish having "known" in cyberspace.

Also, I am able to keep up with dear friends, like my talented singer/songwriter friend, Jo. She has a gift for both words and worship, and I am blessed by her friendship and by her thought provoking posts.

And now for Ree, author of my favorite blog. In the past, I am sure that there have been people with great talent who have not been able to reach the masses with their wisdom and wit. I am grateful that that day is over. Now with the help of a computer, these individuals are able to reach us with a simple click. Ree is not only talented; she has a gift. And lucky for us all, she shares it. A busy mom of four, she thankfully finds time to post daily. She has made me laugh more times than I could count, and her honesty is refreshing and reminiscent of another favorite author, Anne Lamott. So, do yourself a favor and check out Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

Lastly, with war breaking out in the middle east between Israel and Lebanon, who better to hear from than those who are there. Blogs have done an incredible thing by connecting us with the victims in both Israel and Lebanon. The viewpoints are diverse and often completely contradictory, but you get a first hand account of the conflict that the news is unable to provide.

So, as my title suggests, there is a blog for everyone and every interest. What a world!


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