Praying for the TV

While I was doing a little internet surfing, darling daughter (dd) was watching a cartoon. She came in to tell me that she had touched the remote--she didn't know why--but that for some reason she couldn't hear the TV anymore. So, I went to try to figure out why the sound had disappeared. After a fruitless and frustrating 10 minutes, I stomped off to email daddy for help.

While I was emailing, dd came back and suggested we pray to God about it. Why hadn't I thought of that? Well, praying for the TV had never really occurred to me, but why not? So, I went in there with her to pray. First I explained to her that God may want her to do something besides watch tv so it might just have to go off. But I prayed, and she watched the silent tv as I prayed. So, I explained to her that we close our eyes while we pray, listening to whomever is speaking and agreeing in our hearts. "Sorry, mom." Then I tried the remote again and amazingly hit the button that corrected the problem. All is well, we thanked God and dd is happy.

I don't know how, with all the buttons I was pushing, that this failed to happen the first time, but maybe God had a lesson for the girl or me.


I guess even God likes Dora...

sigh.. I'm so doomed if in heaven it's nothing but Dora.

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