Wordless Wednesday

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Mama Peep said…
How sweet! Aren't Grandmas the best!?!

Patricia in WA
Happy WW
LLLAcademy said…
Isn't it fun going through old pictures? Enjoy the memories as you are revisiting them! I agree with Mama Peep, grandmas are the best.
Rhonda said…
Brings back memories of me with my grandmother. Such a sweet picture.
Thank you for sharing it.
~Have a blessed day.
awwwwwww.... this photo has love and sweet summer goodness all over it!
Meliss said…
I love all the family pictures you are posting!
Margarete said…
That is a beautiful, calming picture.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Did you see the pictures of the Cicada a few posts down??
Have a great day!
Jodie said…
Awe! How sweet!
Sarah said…
I thought this was Riley until Dan told me otherwise. Too CUTE!!!
Bronwyn said…
You were definitely blessed to have a grandmother like her!

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