Week in Review--Week 5

In my lazy waking hours, my mind was composing this post. It was brilliant, gripping, witty and compelling. I was so excited to sit down and put it all here. And, um, well, it's all gone: completely forgotten. Man, I hate when that happens. Of course, my semi-conscious mind has much more confidence than ability, so it probably wasn't all that great anyway.

Although this is our fifth week, it is my first time to post a week-in-review. We are enjoying our materials, both old and new. Burgess Bird Book has lost a little of its shine, but only for me. Riley still loves it, and that is all that matters. I came upon a wonderful free resource that will add even more to our bird studies. The only other bump in the road has been Classically Cursive. It has nothing to do with the material, though. Handwriting is not meant to be an exciting study, but instead an exercise in diligence, patience and practice. In case you didn't already know, diligence, patience and practice do not rank high on the want-to-do list of a six year old. Heck, they don't rank high in the want-to-do list of this thirty-four year old. Some days have been more challenging than others, but for the most part we have had a great start.

This week:

Bible: Continued study/memorization of Psalm 23 using Comfort for a Child's Heart.

Math: We finished BJU 1st grade math--workbook pages 321-329--and have started practice sheets reviewing addition and subtraction facts before moving into BJU 2.

Language: Completed lessons 82-88 in GWG

History: Our Young Folks' Josephus, Chapters 11-16

Reading: Christian Liberty Press' Nature Reader 1 pages 61-73

Handwriting: Classically Cursive, M W Th

Latin: Song School Latin Lesson 2

Science: Continued our gentle study of birds using Burgess Bird Book and internet resources

Sawyer has been a bit snotty--both literally and figuratively--so he wasn't able to go to Mother's Day Out this week. Consequently we didn't do Atelier, but experimented with watercolor crayons. Atelier Art has 18 lessons for the year, so we will need to space them out anyway. Last week was our first experience with Atelier, and I was very impressed. Riley had a blast and created a very beautiful picture(the first picture shown on this post). I set everything up, but then just turned on the dvd. This product was well worth the expense, and we look forward to our future lessons.


Sarah said…
Riley is such a great artist. She is going to be amazing as she grows and learns more. You ALL are my faves!

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