Well, Now, Ain't I Just the Prettiest Thing You Ever Did See?

Just so you know, that was the blog talking not me. First of all, I try not to use the word "ain't" at least not in public. Secondly, I'm not quite as vain as this beaut seems to be. However, thanks to this fabulous makeover by Darcy at Graphically Designing, who can blame her for the new-found confidence? So, if you are looking to add some esteem and beauty to your own blog, shoot Darcy an email and let her work her magic.

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Tina said…
It looks darling. :o)

Another "Hip Hip Hooray!" for Darcy!

Kat said…
She is magical, "ain't" she? :-) I love what she did for mine and my daughters - and I see that she waved her magic wand over yours as well.
my5wolfcubs said…
I love the colors! I would decorate a room (or 2) of my house in Picking up Pebbles colors! The green and the two shades of tan are wonderful!

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