Plans For 2008-2009 School Year

Want a sneak peek into our next school year? I bet you can't wait to see. :) I'm gonna tell you anyway because, if you can't tell already, I'm pretty excited about it. Pieces have begun trickling in through the mail, and I have been very pleased with each new addition.


We have enjoyed Bob Jones University Math 1 this year and will be continuing on with BJU Math 2 next year. I will also add some RightStart games and Zaccaro's Primary Math Challenge.

Language Arts
Growing With Grammar 1/2: This has been a fun addition to our day. I will also be adding Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl. I have wanted to use this book for a long time, so I am looking forward to adding it. It will bring picture study, narration and some other things currently missing into our LA studies.

I presume that we will continue Primary Phonics, but this could change. We will be doing a great deal of independent reading.

I am still working out the details of this one, though I have all the materials. I am trying to decide between spines. I have Mystery of History 1, Story of the World 1 and Our Young Folks' Josephus. I know that it would be possible to weave them all together; I just don't know if that would be overkill at this point. I will also be using the Modern Rhymes for Ancient Times series.


We are definitely going to continue our Nature Study walks and lessons. I have purchased My World Science Blue: Weather, Astronomy and Oceans. This is a Charlotte Mason inspired science curriculum, so I think it will work well for us.


We will be using Geography Songs by Audio Memory and Ann Voskamp's A Child's Geography.


I'm hoping to purchase Song School Latin. I plan to use Lively Latin in the future, when she is ready, but I think this looks like a great program to start now.

Did I mention that I found every new addition through sale/swap boards at GREAT discounts? Or that I was able to sell several items we didn't use or were no longer using to offset the cost even further? Or that my beautiful, talented and generous sister-in-law was so kind to pass down several items that helped me immensely?


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