Week in Review

This has been a great week. For the most part our attitudes were pleasant save on Thursday which almost did both mom and daughter in. Whew! But, we survived.

We went on two Nature Study walks and had a grand time on each.

Riley read these books aloud to me:

She started a new chapter in BJU Math 1: Chapter 9. She completed lessons 66 through 69 and did workbook pages 131 through 138. She completed pages 18 through 25 in Primary Phonics Workbook 2.

We are still enjoying Growing with Grammar 1/2, and Riley completed lessons 12 through 15 this week.

In MFW 1st Bible, we studied about Jonah, the Babylonian Conquest and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

We've started a new thing: independent devotional time before lessons. Last year I read Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith for Little People to Riley each morning. Now that she can read it independently, she reads a lesson each morning as I read from my devotional. I am trying to encourage her to develop a daily quiet time habit. This is something I have always struggled with personally, so I understand the importance of nurturing this habit.

She loves the Alice in Bibleland series, and decided to read Jonah also during one morning.

We studied together about the five senses and drew an outline of her body to start using the My Body book.

Look here to see the extraordinarily academic read-aloud her father has been reading with her during his turn with reading each night. What a well-rounded girl we are raising. :)


LisaWA said…
What a wonderful week! Will you be joining the green hour over at barbs Harmony of fine arts blog??

I love the name Riley....*Ü*

Wonderful week! Thanks for sharing! Lisa
LisaWA said…
LOL.. Im cracking up... not only did you link to the green our... you posted way before I did!! I missed it! lol Im so sorry...

See you next week on reports and the green hour then!

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