Week in Review

Over the past two weeks we have completed approximately one week's worth of scheduled work. I was diligent to make copies to take with us on vacation to visit family; however, there were much more important things to do like snuggling with grandparents, playing with cousins, and experiencing snow. Our trip back was delayed by a day, and we were all quite exhausted. So, we spent some time this week recuperating and only did a little more work.

Primary Phonics Workbook 2 pages 12-17
GWG 1/2 Lessons 9-12
BJU Math 1 Lessons 61-64; workbook pages 121-128
MFW 1st: Read about Jonah
Independent reading

We are quite behind on our human body study, but I have all the materials ready so that we can get started again this week. I would have posted pictures, but the computer did not want to upload all 525 vacation pictures. When we get that figured out, I will post pictures from our wonderful trip.


LisaWA said…
Have you seen the human body unit at The Heart of the Matter? I know you said you have a lot of resources, but maybe you might find a gem?


Cant wait to see pictures!


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