Horse Study Field Trip

Riley and I did a short unit study on horses a while back, and I had difficulty finding a good place to plan a field trip to correlate with the study. A friend was kind enough to put me in touch with her aunt who not only agreed to let us come and see her horses but also offered to give Riley a quick lesson on riding and caring for horses. What a blessing! Riley had a wonderful time and learned a ton. She brushed the horse, watched as the bridle and saddle were put on, rode for quite a while and then led the horse for a walk. At the end of the lesson she fed the horse treats from the palm of her hand. All of these were very new experiences for her, and I was so proud of her bravery throughout.

Sawyer even got in on the action and rode around on the horse. He was deemed a natural, and it is suspected that he will one day ride bulls. This news did not surprise me in the least.

I believe that our camera has officially bitten the dust. I am grateful to at least have captured a few shots from the visit despite the camera's contrary ways. We all had a wonderful time. The lesson was exceptionally thorough as well as kindly taught and created a memory we will treasure.

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Brittney said…
WAY COOL! How fun!

You are such a good mom to be taking them to places like that so they can have the hands on experiences. :o)
Sarah said…
How fun. Some day Aunt TT will have a horse and when you all live in CA Riley can come ride all the time. This looks like it would be alot of fun!!!
She looks just like you, Dawn!!

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