More Grammar Rumblings Afoot

So, I am once again rethinking grammar. After deciding against Shurley and Primary Language Lessons, I had settled on Growing with Grammar (GWG)--a program we have used for the past two years. Now, however a couple of other products have caught my eye.

The first is Christian Light Education's (CLE) Language Arts program. I like that it is still rather independant, as is GWG, but unlike GWG it is spiral in review. In addition to grammar it includes spelling, vocabulary and handwriting which would allow me to cut out excess materials to streamline language arts. The program receives very good reviews among homeschoolers seeking a thorough and rigorous yet child and teacher friendly curriculum.

The second materials I am considering are those of Michael Clay Thompson. These materials consist of grammar, vocabulary, poetry and writing. I am most intrigued by the grammar and vocabulary, though the poetry looks interesting as well. These materials would definitely be more teacher intensive than both CLE and GWG, but they are also intended to be covered over a shorter period of time with review and practice taking place over the remainder of the year. This program also receives rave reviews from parents, such as: "I can not say enough good things about these materials." From the samples on the site, the format seems very kid friendly all the while covering an impressive amount of topics.

And so, the plot thickens on my curriculum crazies. However, I am blessed to be homeschooling in a time when one of my greatest problems is having an abundance of fabulous materials to choose from. As frustrating as it can sometimes be, this hunt for the best materials to fit my family is actually also a lot of fun.


I agree...when our "dilemma" is a result of so much "good" to choose from, we know we are truly blessed!!

I confess, I took the easy route this yr (purchased an all inclusive curriculum)partly in the interest of saving time - bc investing the time needed to research & pick & choose what you think is best is so time consuming - & then can be so challenging to make it all work well together. In a nutshell, I'm grateful for all our options too...but from much different persepctive this year :)

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