What I'm Reading

Atlas Shrugged glares at me from my living room bookshelf. I really want to finish it, but, to be honest with you, with the direction our country is heading now, I'm afraid it would be far too depressing. I will eventually muster up the strength to continue...but for now I am reading other things.

The two books I'm currently reading have virtually nothing in common...but both are impacting me tremendously. Both books have provided wake-up calls regarding my two most important relationships.

Crazy Love by Francis Chan is causing me to evaluate my relationship with God and make much-needed heart changes. I will share more of this book as I get further into it.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a book I never envisioned myself picking up. However, a few women that I trusted recommended it very highly, so I was intrigued. This book has been rather paradigm shifting for me. Marriage quickly illuminates one's selfish tendencies. This book has revealed that dark tendency within me to an even greater degree. Wow. But, it's not been a guilt trip. Rather it has been an eye-opener with very practical advice on making positive changes.


Can't say I enjoyed Crazy Love - SO convicting - But - I'm so glad I read it!

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