CalcuLadder: Thumbs Up

I am a flash card failure. I have troubles with consistency when it comes to the superfluous items. But, math drill is a necessity as math requires a cementing of the facts in order to succeed in the next stage. As I searched through reviews and products, my ambition was to find a program that provided adequate review and drills without relying on flashcards.

I found it! CalcuLadder is a math drill program that consists of 16 drills for each level. The workbooks include 12 copies of each of those 16 drills. At the bottom of the page is the amount of time your child needs to be able to complete the worksheet in order to move forward to the next set.

When we first began trying it out, I was a little nervous about setting the timer. Riley has always balked at the idea of completing work in a set amount of time--too much pressure for her. However, she loved the idea this time. I'm really not sure why, unless this time it seemed more like a game than work. I set the timer for a minute longer than the time at the bottom of the sheet and she excitedly began. When finished she was very eager to begin the next sheet, curious to see if she could beat her original time. This continued each day.

We are very happy with this product. Riley even considers it fun, and all the while she is learning and memorizing. So, check it out. You won't be sorry. There is also a MasterPak cd option for families with multiple children.


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