Big-Boy Haircut

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Brittney said…
Okay...I know I have only seen him once, but did he age like two years from a few months ago? Wow!

He looks totally cute by the way!
Grandma L said…
Big boy Egger! Grandma L misses you so much!
Whatta handsome young man!

Hey - I'm adding you to the short list of blogs I follow - just wanted you to know - & so glad you shared w/ me recently the short story behind the title of your blog & the story Hinds Feet on High Places - which I gather are closely related! Makes sense to :)

The title of mine was inspired by a book as well -- The Yada Yada Prayer Group - by Neta Jackson
Hugh said…
What a cutie!! (Dawn this is from Brady)
Sarah said…
He looks like Dan here (to me) Miss you all!

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