Facebook trumps blog...

I think most of my readers are also my facebook friends, so I have been neglecting to post some things here that I have posted there. However, I know that some of my family that visits are not on facebook (c'mon...join already!) so I want to make sure that they get to share in the fun too.

So, here are some belated snapshots from our trip to California:

I finally got to meet a couple of my wonderful forum buddies on our first day.

The kids had a great time playing together.

All the cousins had a trip to Columbia.

Uncle Gabe, Aunt TT, and Noe.

Uncle Seth and Auntie M

All the cousins

And at Nana's house, there was SNOW!!!

Lots of snow!

Gramma L

Nana and Grampa Ernie

Sawyer in his very favorite place.


Hi! Thank you for your comment (encouragement:) at my end - & for the book recommendation! I've heard of it - & may just have to read it now :)

Enjoyed poking around here again - as it's been a while. - liked your "dentist" post in particular :)

Looks like you've been havin' tons of fun w/ family! Nice pics & cute kids :)
Hey - I devoured Hinds Feet on High Places! ... & posted about it. Thank you SO MUCH for recommending it!!

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