A different plan

I know that some of you out there are considering homeschooling. As my friends begin posting their plans for the upcoming school year, I'd like to share them with you here (with their permission of course).

With that, I'll introduce you to Brittney at King Alfred Academy. Her blog is one of my favorite homeschool blogs, and I've followed it for a long time. I love to see the interesting things she and her boys are studying/doing. She does a great job of piecing together her own curriculum, as you'll see in her 2009-2010 school year post. I am not a lapbooker, though I am a wannabe. For some of you who enjoy crafts, lapbooking can be a very fun hands-on way for a child to learn. Brittney has some wonderful resources for creating lapbooks linked in her post.

So, check out her blog and her plans. It is always interesting for me to see what other people are doing in their home schools. I hope you enjoy it as well.


Brittney said…
Permission? I didn't give you permission!

(You are too kind!)

PS...When are you moving here so we can actually hang out? :o)
Z said…
That's a great blog for sure. I hear the headmistress at KAA makes a mean brownie too.

Yeah, what Brittney asked!

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