Coming Up

We are almost finished with our 2008-2009 school year. Some programs that we are using (Rod and Staff Bible, Sonlight Readers) will continue through next year since I began them later in the school year. We are scheduled to be finished with everything else by May 8th. On May 11th, our home school group has a field trip to the zoo. We plan to take off the rest of that week and possibly the next. We will continue schooling through the summer with a light schedule. I discovered last year that some continued structure is good for all of us. So, I am in the process of planning out materials for that time as well as finalizing next year's schedule.

I had planned to read D'Aulaire's Greek myths this year, but we didn't finish it. So, we will be reading it this summer along with The Children's Homer. At the same time I will be introducing Riley to the Greek alphabet. We will not fully begin Greek instruction until after a year or two more of Latin; however, learning the Greek alphabet can be a lot of fun for a child. She will continue independent reading, and I am currently seeking out a math drill program, possibly Calculadder.

Homeschooling is hard and wonderful all at the same time. It is a journey. Some materials work...some do not. Some programs fit your family...others not so much. So, we carve our way through: whittling off the excess, sculpting the rest. We have had a great year, and, once plans for next year are finalized, I will post them.


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