Thoughts on a funeral

They buried my Uncle Joe today. I ache for my dear aunt grieving the loss of her high-school sweetheart. I ache for my cousins grieving the loss of a stepfather who was a wonderful daddy. And, I also ache for myself the missed opportunity to know this great man better.

I remember going as a child to stay with my Aunt Larraine and Uncle Joe. It was always a blast to stay at their house. They made sure I was comfortable and had fun. They'd set up a tent in the back yard and help us equip it with the essentials for a night stay they knew we wouldn't be quite brave enough to endure.

There are many things I do know about him: He had a ready smile. He enjoyed giving you a good-natured ribbing. He loved Mississippi State just a little less than he loved his family, and that was a big love. (I grew up to attend the rival college, and he only slightly held it against me.) He enjoyed taking care of others and meeting their needs. His love was deep and genuine.

There are many other things I'll have to learn from those he left behind.


zelda said…
So sorry for your loss, Dawn.
Brittney said…

My heart is aching for your aunt who lost her sweetheart too. Can't even begin to imagine what that is like.

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