"Life is bigger"

I'm back! :)

I've had trouble getting back into blogging of late. Perhaps it is due in part to spending more time at facebook. I like to think it is mostly because life has gotten a bit bigger 'round here. I am trying to work on my brain a bit, not that homeschooling doesn't do that for you already. But I needed something a little more challenging than second grade math to excite this old brain of mine. Answer? Latin.

Next year our home school Latin studies will ramp up quite a bit, and I had planned to continue learning Latin alongside Riley. However, a wise and intelligent friend who shall remain nameless (*cough* Zelda) encouraged me to get a headstart by studying with Henle. She was even kind enough to offer to join me...others came on board...and now we have our own little Latin study group going. I am just in the beginning stages, but I cannot begin to express how much I am enjoying it. I have always had an affinity for the classics and studied Greek in college. Starting Latin has reminded me of the excitement of my Greek classes. I am not naive enough to forget though, that Greek also had me banging my head against the wall at times...but as long as the Latin honeymoon lasts, I am going to enjoy it.

I'm also reading some great books that have been stretching my heart as well as my mind:


Hugh said…
Dawn, Your blog is great. hoping that I will have more time to read it very soon! Love
Hugh said…
Hugh is Brady Warren!
zelda said…
Looking forward to hacking our way through Henle together! Glad you're back.

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