Small world as I was reading Ree's post in my reader, flipping through the pictures of women attending a cooking event at her house, I was shocked to recognize a face. One of the women was a gal I went to college with--Colleen. Crazy enough to discover Colleen on PW's site, but what was even more awesome was to discover that Colleen is part of a company--Wild Olive--that makes the coolest t-shirts ever. She is wearing one of the t-shirts in the above pic. They feature modern graphics on the front and scripture on the back. Not only that, but I love that they are fitted tees.

So, of course, I am now salivating at the chance to purchase one (or more...) of these shirts. While visiting the site, I stumbled upon the blog which listed a giveaway opportunity. You know me, I'm a hopeless optimistic when it comes to I am posting this for two reasons: 1) I want to introduce you to this great company and 2) I want to win some of these shirts.

My favorites so far are these: Rooted, No. Thing., Transform Your Mind (in pink) and Such Things. Too cute.

Wild Olive Tees


Wild Olive said…
DAWN - you're cracking me up!! I'm so glad you found me on P-dub's site! It was such a fun day yesterday, and from her tiny little link on her site, the floodgates of Heaven have been opened up. The orders are pouring in like crazy - it's so cool!!! Thanks for posting about us. I'm laughing that my picture is on your blog. :)You're right...small world.
Thanks for posting about and displaying the butting for Wild Olive tees! You have been entered into the giveaway!

And that is too funny about P-dubs and Colleen, getting her cake pops on with Bakerella! Small small world!

Thx for sharing. My girls may like to check out these tees.

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