Week in Review--Week 24

Monday seemed to fall three times in this week. :) We had some attitude battles getting started a few mornings, but nothing too harsh. All in all it was a very good and productive week.

We also added something new this week:

For some time I have been wanting to add a scheduled independent reading program for Riley. This is the one I have had my eye on for a while, and I was finally able to find a set in excellent used condition at a very reasonable price. We actually purchased this for next year, but Riley was so excited about it that we decided to go ahead and begin. She read the first book this week and is eagerly anticipating beginning the second book. This collection was put together by Sonlight and can be viewed here. The accompanying guide has a reading schedule for each of the books as well as corresponding maps, comprehension questions and more. I am very pleased with this addition.


Riley worked on memorizing the second commandment while studying the first five Egyptian plagues. She completed lessons 6 through 10 of Rod and Staff's Bible Nurture and Reader Series. Each day's work consists of a "before reading" section including new vocabulary, the reading for the lesson, and an "after reading" section that focuses on reading comprehension. However, I am so impressed with the extras that get covered. In one lesson, Riley was coached on how to use a table of contents page. In another she was given an extra few paragraphs to read with new vocabulary and then asked to match the new words to their definitions based on their use in context.

We also completed chapter 3 of Growing Little Women for Younger Girls which was about bravery and trusting God through all circumstances.


She finished the chapter on the hundreds place in BJU Math 2, completing lessons 96 through 100 and workbook pages 191 through 199.


Riley continued her study of verbs, this week focusing on helping verbs and linking verbs. She completed lessons 159 through 163.


This week's lesson covered words beginning with consonant blends.


We continued to learn the Latin names for animals, this week learning lion, bird, elephant and bear. I am continually reminded of how important Latin is for gaining deeper understanding into our own language.


Our lesson this week was also about animals as we studied mammals in winter. We read several books from our personal library on the subject as well, and Riley studied the tracks animals leave behind.


We continued with Story of the World this week to dig deeper into Egyptian history as we read of the Exodus in Bible. The readings were very interesting and we both enjoyed the chapters. I'm making a guess as I don't have the book near me right now, but I believe we covered chapters 11 through 13.

Independent Reading

Riley completed book one of the Sonlight set I mentioned above: Riding the Pony Express by Clyde Robert Bulla. It brings me such joy to see my girl get lost in a book. The reading assignments were pretty substantial, sometimes up to four chapters. The next book is also by the same author, and she is already excited about beginning it. She did a great job with her comprehension questions as well. We will have to work on narration as she is like her mom at being able to recall the entire story verbatim. I am trying to encourage her to narrate the important parts...I need to read up on narration again myself.

Before bed, she is reading a chapter each night in Pioneer Sisters a chapter book with excerpts from the writings of Laura Ingalls. When she is finished, I will finish reading Pinocchio aloud to her. That Pinocchio...we needed a little break from his foolishness. :)

Memory Work

Riley reviewed Thirty Days Hath September, which she has completely memorized at this point. This week she worked on The Cardinal Directions, the seven continents and the ten plagues. She has her poem memorized so we will review it next week while moving on to another.


This week we studied Edward Hicks, an American folk painter, with the help of materials included in the Hearts and Trees Winter Kit. Riley studied two of his pieces: The Residence of David Twining and The Peaceable Kingdom (one painting of apparently a hundred or so that he painted and named this same name). We also learned about neutral colors and how artists use them to emphasize other colors.


Brittney said…
I am convinced it was something in the water this week!

I am amazed at how much you and Riley are able to get done each week! Way to go! So much learning and loving is taking place.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! :o)
Brittney said…
I am convinced it was something in the water this week!

I am amazed at how much you and Riley are able to get done each week! Way to go! So much learning and loving is taking place.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! :o)

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