Week in Review--Week 23

our art project for the week (described below)

I've had a bit of blogophobia of late. Not sure why...but I've just been hesitant to post. So, I am a couple of weeks behind in my week in review posts. Rather than posting them late, I am just going to post one for the past week--week 23.

Although both Riley and Sawyer were sick, we were able to complete a full week. We took things easy and had slow starts, but it was a surprisingly great week, school-wise.


We are beginning the exodus story and are studying the life of Moses. This was our first week in Unit 2 of Rod and Staff Bible Nurture and Reader Series 2. I have likes and dislikes about the changes in the two workbooks. I do like that the "before you read" section has gotten shorter. The vocabulary list is shorter, but the words are more difficult. They have also introduced counting how many syllables a word has. The "after you read" section is a little more substantial than before. However, my one qualm is that although there still are memory verses for each week, they no longer require the child to write the verse at the end of each lesson. I have continued to require Riley to write the verse each day because the writing is a great tool for memorizing the verse. She memorized the first commandment this week.


Riley finished the chapter on shapes and began a new chapter in BJU Math 2 studying the hundreds place. I have been very impressed by her firm grasp of place value. She breezed through the week, completing lessons 90 through 95, workbook pages 179-190.


In Growing with Grammar, Riley completed lessons 154-158. She has been learning about irregular verbs and how to conjugate their past tense. We discussed the future tense as well.


This week's Spelling Workout chapter covered words with the long "u" vowel. This lesson was a bit of a challenge and the first time she missed two words. She had no problem, however, the next day when retested.


Riley listened to chapters 4-10 in Story of the World 1. She really enjoyed the chapters and narrated them back to me excitedly. I am rethinking this program, as I initially was not very fond of it. The stories included in the reading were very interesting, and Riley really learned and retained a lot. Story of the World 2 is the spine for our history program next year. After this week, I am much more excited about that.

Science and Latin

I'm combining these two because conveniently we studied pets in both subjects. In science Riley learned about different types of pets and how to care for them. In Latin she learned the words for dog, cat, fish and horse. It was a special little coincidence.

Memory Work

Riley has been memorizing the poem The Cardinal Directions (author unknown).


Riley used a hammer, nail and piece of aluminum to create a Pennsylvania Dutch inspired metal punching square. This project was included in Amanda's Winter Kit at Hearts and Trees. Unfortunately, thanks to the regretful CPSIA law, she will probably no longer be able to provide these wonderful kits for sale. However, she will continue to provide wonderful project ideas at her blog, so be sure to visit. Back to the metal project: I made an agregious miscalculation in just how hard Riley would be hitting the hammer. Though the directions said to place some magazines under the work, I thought that a sturdy piece of cardboard would suffice. Not so. Now I am very grateful that our coffee table cost us all of $5 because it is currently riddled with holes. The metal work turned out beautifully, though.

Looks a bit like a constellation, doesn't it? Don't worry; Sawyer spilled tea all over the coffee table, and the marks are far less noticeable now. :) Suddenly I am less depressed that we don't have "big people" furniture.


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