I used to read...

Once upon a time I was a voracious reader. It was not uncommon for me to be reading four or five books at once. I even finished books...all the way through from the first chapter to the last. It was fulfilling, enriching and, to many degrees, it was a large part of what made me me. I was a reader.

Flash forward to today...my days are a flurry of activity from teaching to changing diapers to making meals. Oh, I waste plenty of time in between surfing forums and facebook, but gone are the days of getting completely lost in a book for hours at a time. For years I never completed a book from start to finish unless it also had pictures.

I am currently trying to reestablish this habit into my life. At the same time, though, I am being gentle with myself...understanding that this is a season of motherhood somewhat more demanding than others. I also remind myself that if we are blessed with a new addition, this season will continue for even more years. My tendency is to want all or nothing, but I am learning to be okay with baby steps. It may take me a lot longer to finish books now, but slow and steady still wins the race, right? And, at this time in my life I am not disappointed that a large part of what makes me me is my children. I am a mother. And, perhaps one day I will join the two passions together to become a mother who reads.


Jenn said…
I hear ya! It is only within the last 6 months that I have been able to enjoy a book again. Before, I was afraid to even start because I knew I'd never find more than 2 minutes at a stretch to finish it. Those ages and stages the little ones take us through are much more precious than reading time and all too soon, we get our reading time back as they move on to their next stage.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words to me tonight!

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