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Lindsey said…
What a cutie! Looks like she is having lots of fun. Happy WW!
Dacia's School said…
that is so neat and she looks so happy
Cellista said…
What fun! (and great pictures!)

Mama Peep said…
A girl and her swing! That was my favorite thing to do when I was younger! Now it makes me dizzy! :-)
She looks so happy!!

Patricia in WA
Lorna said…
That is such a lovely collage. It would make a wonderful picture for your wall!
Takes me right back in time to my elementary school playground :)
I love the expressions on her face! My 5 yo LOVES to swing....one of life's simple pleasures!
Meliss said…
Love the collage! Beautiful girl enjoying a simple pleasure of life.
Lisa said…
What great shots!
Aw, looks like a fun carefree day.

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