Week in Review--Week 20

Our official week 20 was the week before Christmas, but since we only schooled for half a week before deciding to break early, I've combined it with this week. We have been battling a cold and passing it back and forth for weeks, so we needed the extra break. This week we gently re-entered our routine. Riley was so ready to get back to school. I was very nervous that she would have attitude issues starting back, but she was so ready that she actually helped my attitude towards getting back to the grind.


Rod and Staff Bible Nurture and Reader Series 2: Chapters 16-20. We are still studying the life of Joseph. Riley memorized Psalm 50:15a.


Growing with Grammar lessons 145 through 147: action verbs.

Spelling Workout B lesson 8: long "i" words.


Bob Jones Math 2: Workbook pages 147-158. We began subtraction with renaming. I have been purchasing materials for next year and the seller I purchased our BJU Math 3 from also had a beautiful wooden base ten set for sale(part of which you see in the photo above.) This arrived at a very appropriate time, as we made good use of it while learning to "borrow" from the tens when subtracting. Being able to visualize this concept was very helpful, and Riley has done a wonderful job progressing through this chapter.


Our Young Folks' Josephus, chapters 46 through 52: we've studied the life of David after being crowned king. Our next chapter will be on the death of David. I have yet to work written narratives into our history, but this week Riley was inspired to write two narratives all on her own with no prompting from me. The chapters were very engrossing, and we have both enjoyed them.


Patterns of Nature, lesson 7: farm animals.


Song School Latin, chapter 12: This week we learned words that are useful to know when using good manners--please, thank you and excuse me.


Pinocchio, chapters 1-10. I'm reading this aloud nightly to Riley. It is quite entertaining and so far has been much more comical than I had expected. The chapters are rather short, so we are averaging two a night.


Growing Little Women is a new addition to our week. I purchased this book from Amazon with some of my Christmas money. We did the first lesson this week while Sawyer was at Mother's Day Out. I'm looking forward to this being an opportunity for Riley and me to be able to spend time together learning more about God.


Carrie Thompson said…
Great looking week!

the Growning lIttle women looks good...

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