I was inspired by Heidi's post to jot down our schedule today.

Memory Work--10 mins.--We are using Dr. Campbell's Living Memory book. Riley recited her memorized work--Thirty Days Hath September--and began working on memorizing another poem--The Cardinal Directions.

Math--20 mins.--Today in Bob Jones Math 2, Riley learned to read coordinates from a graph and also completed word problems in addition and subtraction.

Grammar--10 mins.--Today's lesson in Growing with Grammar was on past tense verbs.

Reading/Bible--45 mins.--We just began unit 2 of Rod and Staff's Bible Nurture and Reader Series 2. This program has many parts: vocabulary, reading, reading comprehension. The stories are from the Old Testament and scripture memory is also included. Riley is currently studying the beginning of the exodus story, so the scripture memory for the next 10 week section will be the ten commandments.

Science--30 mins.--We are currently studying animals in Rod and Staff's Patterns of Nature. Today's lesson was about pets. It included the largest crossword puzzle Riley has ever attempted, and she did a great job on it.

History--30 mins.--Since we are beginning the exodus story again in Bible, and we're past that part of history in Josephus, I let Riley listen to a few chapters on Egyptian history in Story of the World 1, making use of the cds.

We cover all of these subjects daily Monday through Friday except Science. Science, Art, Spelling and currently Latin are rotated in one day a week for approximately 30 mins. for each lesson. Spelling is covered on one day, reviewed and tested on the next. Latin will play a more integral part of our studies next year when it will be covered at least four days a week.

Some days the times vary depending on the depth or difficulty of lessons. However, I thought I'd give a glimpse of our day. Today Sawyer has a cold and a constant runny nose. Riley got her studies finished without complaint, but she is feeling progressively worse as the day goes on. I'm not sure if we are suffering from another cold or allergies. We are grateful it is not worse and pray for speedy recoveries all around.

Often people ask me what Sawyer does while we school. Well, when he's not eating crayons, writing on the wall with pencils or climbing to great heights, he plays quietly in the room with us. Here is a picture I captured from today. He's in his little cubby corner driving his car up the window.

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Sarah said…
He is such a boy. Mine does that too. Anytime he has a car in his hands he is driving it on something. Can't wait to see you all.

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